Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sunsets and Skys

I love the sky.  I'm always looking for opportunities to catch Nature at her finest.  My husband always tells me I have my head in the clouds. I suppose he's right.

The first photo is Hurricane Edouard as witnessed by me and all the people in Houston, Texas. 

Second was a photo taken while we were in Springfield, Ohio. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, a perfect 78 degrees. If you ask my mother in law, she'll tell you it was sweltering. ;-)

Third and last were taken somewhere just south of Texarkana on our way home from Ohio.  There's just nothing more beautiful than a big, open Texas sunset.



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naperdillygirl said...

Oh my gosh what absolutely beautiful photographs.  Thanks for including our little State in one of them!  You really should print these and consider selling're very very good!  Have a great one!  Sue  p.s. tonight is the BIG BIG game between Alter and Fairmont....wish us luck!  (or karma <ugh>)!!  Sue