Saturday, December 6, 2008

One Week Under My Belt!!

Finally - Saturday!

The new job is both exhilarating and exhausting. My first day I sat on my butt all day long, ate lunch during the long, eight-hour meeting/training, and went home drained, but more filled with knowledge about the company and not so much on the job. Actually, none on the job itself.

Day Two: Tuesday I was asked to shadow a gal whose position is the same as mine, but in a different building. She's terrific and wealth of knowledge! I watched as she took call after call, note after note, and put out fire after agonizing fire. I wanted this job why?

Day Three: Wednesday was more of Tuesday. I spent the morning with my mentor, thoroughly enjoying the learning experience, meeting more people and getting a feel for things in general. On Wednesday I afternoon I returned to my own building and was soon thereafter faced with my first fire. A lady was apparently assaulted by our new elevator doors and was knocked into the elevator, slamming into another patron who was on the elevator, and who told us she "tried" to push the button to open the door. (I have my doubts at to weather she was trying to open it or make it close quicker...) Keeping in mind the building is still new there were also no available Incident Forms. Able to think on my feet in times of high stress, I remembered I had been given a sample Incident Report. I grabbed one out of my new hire orientation packet and saved the day! The lady was fine. And I looked like a hero - I think.

Day Four - Thursday I made my way through the building meeting some of my staff and several of the doctors. No fires. (YEY!)

Day Five - Meetings. Ugh.

And then came Saturday! Open House. I had planned on putting in an appearance. This is the Marketing Department's baby, so I was not required to work. Guess again. I was posted at the reception desk to welcome visitors and have them fill out their door prize tickets. Yup. I was there the whole day. Again - ugh.

Today, at the end of Saturday - I'm exhausted!!! Not so much exhilarated.

I hope I didn't bore you. I think this job will get easier. I want to know it ALL ... NOW. It just ain't gonna happen.

Let's see how it goes next week. If I survive, I'll let you know.

Happy Weekend!


Monday, December 1, 2008

I am Thankful for....

Hi Folks, It's been a while, I know. In my last post I had mentioned that we had a tech come in to work on our internet and phones. As I suspected, they installed some kicky new software that ended up blocking us from all contact from and to the outside world. We became prisoners of our own office structure. I suppose we had it pretty easy, but once our wings got clipped, things got pretty dull.

On a brighter note, I attended training and orientation for my new job today. The difference in these two jobs, former and present (new) are unbelievable. The former job hires warm bodies to fill positions no-one wants and pays them salaries no-one with a brain would accept. My new job is impeccable in professionalism, training and expectations. Their emphasis on customer service and employee morale far exceeds what I have ever experienced in a work place. For this I am truly thankful.

And for three beautiful children, without whom my life would be quite dull, indeed. God has truly blessed me.

Becky, Jeff and Amanda.

Holiday blessings to all!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Here's a little card I've been playing close to the vest, for reasons which would surprise (to say the least) my current employer if they had known earlier.

A couple months back I was approached by a Headhunter (job placement agency) about a desirable position in my current field, at a location a bit closer to my home. "What the heck - why not?" I thought. I went to the interview, skeptical that the company would be desperately in need of warm bodies to fill positions no-one wanted. I arrived to find a very pleasant and clean building, full of friendly and helpful faces. Armed with a list of loaded questions, such as, "Why is the position available? (Translated: Did the former employee hate the job so much they quit? Did the former employee get fired? Were they promoted?") What is the company's turnover rate? (Translated: If everyone hates their jobs here, I certainly don't want to join!) You get the idea.

Anayway, I met with a very pleasant and upbeat lady, who conducted the interview. She was very informative, answering all my questions before I had time to ask. As it happened, I would be replacing her, as she had been promoted! Also, I learned the people there really enjoy their jobs; there are employee inventive programs, rewards, etc. Not bad so far. Then she hits me with the job description. The position requires the ability to get along well with people (I can pull this off on good days), interact with upwards of 45+ doctors on a daily basis (deer-in-the-headlight look - I have done this for the past 10 years with ten docs), and continuously canvas the entire site -- SITE -- not office -- SITE, making sure everyone is in their places and putting out proverbial fires as they pop up. Wait a minute - hold up! This sounds like an administrator position. This was starting to get the creative juices flowing and igniting some excitement in the ole noggin! I was really wanting this position! If there are two things I excel at, they are 1)Creativity and 2)Problem Solving! I have this uncanny ability to be able to think outside the box to solve problems that otherwise conventional means can't touch. I'm a shoe-in!

So, I make it past the first interview and go through a second with the CEO. Wait two more weeks.

I get another call, just on Monday, and I'm offered the position!! Freaking out inside, I think I mumbled something that sounded like "Thank you!" I wasn't offered the position for which I interviewed, however, I will be the Site Supervisor for a brand new surgery center! How cool is that! And for only 12 doctors!! Whoohooo!

Okay, there's a phone guy here to do heaven knows what to my internet connection, so for now, Adios! I'll finish this up in a bit, if I still have access to the internet.

Wish me luck! (PS If there are any typos, forgive me and I'll fix them once I know if I still have internet.)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Change is Good

Here we are just a few short weeks after the initial shock that AOL Hometowns will be no more. With the help and encouragement of the Magic Smoke folks we, at least I, have made a fairly smooth transition here to Blogger.

Lately I've also been busy writing articles for an online magazine, which I'll introduce you to in the next couple of weeks or so. I'm on a deadline to get three more articles into their hands, so my time will be a bit occupied until then. Check back for more details.

Enjoy the cool(er) weather! I know I am!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Life is Getting Back to Normal

Hello again,

We're almost 4 weeks after Ike. Life is returning to normal, with the exception of my frayed emotions. I think I'm suffering from Post-traumatic Ike Disorder (PID). My former self used to thrive on the excitement of thunderstorms and rain. My husband considered me a weather freak. After Ike, however, I must admit I'm not so much the violent weather lover that I had been all of my adult life. I have digressed to the familiar childhood fears that used to plague my dreams and waking life. The sound of thunder used to set my heart racing, and until Ike, I had not felt that sensation since childhood.

On the bright side, the weather is still absolutely gorgeous. Today is the first day I've truly enjoyed going outside. It was close to 60F at 6 a.m. My grandson told me this morning in the car that he was freezing, and would I please turn on the heater. I laughed and reminded him that he, only six short months ago, lived in Germany and ran around outside with nothing more than a t-shirt and shorts in weather temperatures lower than today's!

Thank you for reading along on my Ike adventure. I hope to never have to describe the destruction and happenings of another hurricane again!! This was my first hurricane experience and I don't wish to have any more. I'm considering moving back to Ohio -- Cleveland -- far enough from the hurricanes to feel safe.


P.S. I have not had time yet to re-add the photos in the older posts. I'll try to update these as time permits.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Eight Days After Ike

Here it is, eight days after Ike stomped on us, ripped up our trees and shut down our way of life as we know it.

Today, I was able to get fuel for my car WITHOUT waiting in a line. I even got to go to McDonald's and pick up breakfast for my family instead of frying bacon, eggs, and making coffee on the BBQ (which was fun for a while). More and more stores are opening, and God bless the Kroger Company; they were one of the first stores to open with meat, milk, bread and ICE!

The people who stayed to ride out the storm are cleaning up their yards and trying to get things looking more normal. There are those who left (and we should have, too) whose yards are still a chilling reminder of the horrendous beating we took in Ike's rage.

The roads are being cleared of debris and trees. There is a steady stream of energy trucks flooding the neighborhoods, bringing us hope and power. We are lucky, indeed.

I'll update again in a week.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008