Monday, August 25, 2008

School Days!!!

Yey! Finally! Back to School! I know all you parents of school-aged kiddos are with me on this.  How 'bout one big shout out - YeeeeHAW!! 

For you instructors and administrators - a moment of silence.....

So, my Sophomore son was a piece of cake to get ready for school. A couple pairs of jeans, coupla shirts, some general school supplies and a haircut. When asked if he needed a new  backpack to replace the more than 6 year old one he currently uses, he picks it up, shakes it around, "Nope. This one's still good." Done.

My 13-year-old primadona daughter: Five new "outfits" for her standardized dress school, because even tho we wear uniforms, we must be stylish!  Coach handbag with pink leather strap. Two pairs of shoes; 1 pair Nike for school wear, 1 pair LA Gear running shoes for Athletics.  School supplies: Beige and pink striped 3 ring binder with matching pencil case and spiral notebook, locker decor, gel pens and matching post-its, "so I can remember my homework pages."  Hair: Blonde on top with hilites ("so when it grows back in my roots won't show"), and chocolate brown underneath.  Nails: French manicure.  Yes, she's spoiled, but she does put all her effort into her school work, pulls off all As, is in Symphonic Band (alto sax) and Athletics, so I can't really complain.  Sometimes, you  just have to pick your battles.  If I have to buy a little cooperation with a Coach handbag and a new do, I'm all for it.  Thank heaven for good jobs!!! It takes two incomes to support this child!

Oh, and don't worry about our son.  Although he may not make his needs known in the way of daily necessities, like designer shoes and such, his life revolves around his "gaming career," which is a tidy piece of change in itself!

Have a great first day of school, folks!  Lemme know how it goes for you.


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specialadyfink said...

What a striking beauty she is..and a good student ,also.
Good job mom..