Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ohio Caverns

Hello Again,

I wanted to follow up with more photos of Ohio. These photos were taken more than 100 ft below ground, deep in the Ohio Caverns, located about 1 hour east of Dayton. 

The 45 minute tour of the caverns is very informative.  The tour guide describes how minerals in ground water drip, endlessly, creating these beautiful stalagmites (form from the ground up) and stalactites (form from the ceiling down).  It was explained that it has taken 200,000 years to form some of the larger pieces. 

Touching the formations is prohibited.  The reason, the guide explained, is that the oil from the human touch contaminates the purity of the minerals, causing them to turn a murky, almost gravy-colored, gray.  It was quite sad to see one of the formations in such demise. 

Please enjoy the photos below.  The first photo below shows the Cavern's oldest formation, dating 200,000 years old or more, standing about 4 ft high.


naperdillygirl said...

We live near the Ohio Caverns and aren't they just awesome.  My children have been to them many trips, etc, and really enjoyed it.  I also have been to John Bryant State Park loads, and love it as well.....Glad to hear you had a great trip to our little hayseed in the heart of the country!  Sue

naperdillygirl said...

Hey you!  We live in Kettering, but travel all over the State and into Indy for marching band competitions.  We love it, especially when we play Springfield.  I am still making up my mind about living near Dayton.  Kettering was my option after looking at all the schools.  They are truly an outstanding school board.  Thanks for the comment, and I look forward to chatting with you more!  Enjoy your day!  Sue

specialadyfink said...

We live in Ohio,between Canton and Alliance and when I was younger would have loved to see the caverns,but never have..think I might be afraid to now ,LOL
Beautiful photos...more than just ordinary---award winning!!!