Monday, May 2, 2005


Your Monday Photo Shoot: Take a picture of your significant other, or show off a picture of your significant other that you particularly like. If you are currently between significant others (hey, it happens), you can use a picture of a former significant other, or a picture of a really good friend, since really good friends, in their way, are just as important as a significant other.

Thanks, John, for the opportunity to post some photos of my husband. Usually, it's just my kids and my doggy. I guess he's the silent partner when it comes to photos.

I have to give my hubby props - he's a terrific daddy and husband. He takes our daughter out on a date for her birthday each year, and presents her with a piece of jewelry. He wants her to know what to expect from anyone she might choose to date when she's older, and not settle for less than how she was treated by her Daddy. She has informed him that on her 16th birthday she does "not want no jack jewelry," but a car - not just a car, but a Mustang convertible.  She has a few years to go, so I guess we'd better start saving! Here's one of their date pictures.

He's also her biggest fan. She's a competitive swimmer and he plays both supportive fan and off-deck coach. LOL.  Yeah, she just loves that!

We also have a son, who is my husband's pride and joy.  Our son is a carbon copy of his dad, right down to his stubborness (did I say that?).  It's very difficult to get snapshot of our son, but he liked the sea wall picture (Galveston Island) so he allowed me to take a picture of the wall with him in the photo, too. ;-) 

My husband also had the immense honour of baptizing both of our children.  Here he is below dunking our son.  It was an emotional event, to say the least.

I love you, honey! Thanks for always being there for us!


cneinhorn said...

I've really enjoyed seeing everyone's SO's and reading what they have to say...I played along this week too, most times I'm too late for the assignment, but this one had it covered.  Nice photos  :-)


demandnlilchit said...

My Husband wanted to and did give each of our 3 daughters their first diamonds. I thought it was the sweetest gesture and one they will be reminded of on the day the 'Other man' in their lives offers his. Ü