Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Rodeo Fever!

Howdy Folks!  Me again chiming in on my journal.  Today I want to talk a little bit about some exciting things going on in town for the next few weeks.  Rodeo Houston is on, and I have some kickin' tickets to see Charlie Daniels Band, Lee Greenwood and Neal McCoy



(Lee Greenwood

Neal McCoyNeal McCoy

tomorrow (Thursday) night!  Not only that, but I also won tickets on our local radio station, KILT (, to see Big 'n' Rich - The Official Site of Big & Rich. Country Music Without Prejudice for another night.  I'm not really sure I'll go to that one.  Us old farts can't take too many exciting nights out on the town in one year. Tomorrow should be really exciting, tho.  We try to go to Rodeo every year, more out of nostalgia than anything else, I think.  Tonight after I get home and get the kids fed, I'm off to Boot Town to pick up new pair of kickers and a pair of Rockies for our night out.

On top of THAT, my boss came in today and handed me and my cohort each a $30 gift card to The Olive Garden to thank us for making it through the first six months of our new surgery practice.  What a guy!  So, before Rodeo, I think we're gonna head out to Olive Garden for dinner - and all you can eat bread sticks and salad!  Mmmmm....

What would have topped the evening off would be if I had won those darned Limo tickets to tomorrow's show.  I have been saving up points all year long on the KILT Loyal Listener Club, answering trivia questions, playing listening games, etc.  I had over $175,000 points stashed up for this very event.  I traded them all in (put all my eggs in one basket) and bought close to 2000 entries to this Limo raffle.  I waited and waited for February 28th to arrive to I could see my name listed as the winner of the Limo ride to see Charlie Daniels and the others.  When I got to the site I didn't find my name, to my very huge disappointment.  Someone who goes by "hot4gary" or something like that won.  Yeah, whatever.

I'm still gonna have a blast.  I may just stop by and visit the folks at the KILT tent to say thanks for the B&R tix. 

Well, I suppose I'd better get back to work.  It's pretty quiet today, but I still have stuff to do.  I'll write in a few days and let you know how Rodeo went! Yeehawww!

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melissajbird said...

oh that sounds like a bunch of fun.  
doesn't the charlies daniels band sing the MELISSA song.
lol that's my song.... i hear it all the time now in a cell phone commercial. but it's still my song lol...
well now when they play it u have to think of me.  even if it is just for a brief second only,

hope you have a great time