Thursday, November 18, 2004



What Will You Do?

IN the shape of things to come,
Where will you be?
What will define your decisions?
Will you cling to days gone by,
Or reach for new adventures to come?
How will you shape your future?
Will you take chances and learn to fly?
Or be grounded in frustration and fear?
When opportunity knocks,
Will you cower in a corner, afraid?
Or rush to the door, eager to answer?
When Father Time creeps up from behind,
Will you run from him?
Or graciously accept how he has molded you?
As for me, I’ll grasp every second of time
With anticipation and excitement!
I’ll not look back in regret,
But learn from my mistakes and move on.
I’ll capture the magic of the moment,
Relish in the flavor of things to come,

And live!

Copyright ©2004 Lori Lee Nelson

1 comment:

cgentariverridge said...

Me again, another job well done. This one touches me on a personal level and inspires me to maybe want to put some of mine out there one day. Again good j9ob