Thursday, November 18, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!


Once again Thanksgiving’s here!
Break out the giving and good cheer!
Warm the oven, bake the breads
Intertwine the family threads.

Gather closer one and all
Bow our heads, to heaven call:
“Bless us, Lord, we humbly pray
Bless our food on this Lord’s Day”

“Thank you for the love you’ve shown
May these blessings be your own.
Teach us in your tender way
To love and cherish every day.”

With eager eyes and Amen’s said,
With wafts of Mother’s homemade bread,
Gather ‘round from great to least
Enjoy this great Thanksgiving Feast!

Copyright ©2004 Lori Lee Nelson


marainey1 said...

Just a note to say thanks for visiting my journal today.  I'll be back to read yours often.  'On Ya'  - ma

cneinhorn said...

Very nice.....that's the holiday spirit :-)

cgentariverridge said...

Lori  First congragulations on your publications !  The poem for Thanksgiving was outstanding , it brought a kinda warmth to my heart when reading it. Keep up the good work.Writing  Poetry is a favorite pastime for me also, again congrats!