Saturday, December 6, 2008

One Week Under My Belt!!

Finally - Saturday!

The new job is both exhilarating and exhausting. My first day I sat on my butt all day long, ate lunch during the long, eight-hour meeting/training, and went home drained, but more filled with knowledge about the company and not so much on the job. Actually, none on the job itself.

Day Two: Tuesday I was asked to shadow a gal whose position is the same as mine, but in a different building. She's terrific and wealth of knowledge! I watched as she took call after call, note after note, and put out fire after agonizing fire. I wanted this job why?

Day Three: Wednesday was more of Tuesday. I spent the morning with my mentor, thoroughly enjoying the learning experience, meeting more people and getting a feel for things in general. On Wednesday I afternoon I returned to my own building and was soon thereafter faced with my first fire. A lady was apparently assaulted by our new elevator doors and was knocked into the elevator, slamming into another patron who was on the elevator, and who told us she "tried" to push the button to open the door. (I have my doubts at to weather she was trying to open it or make it close quicker...) Keeping in mind the building is still new there were also no available Incident Forms. Able to think on my feet in times of high stress, I remembered I had been given a sample Incident Report. I grabbed one out of my new hire orientation packet and saved the day! The lady was fine. And I looked like a hero - I think.

Day Four - Thursday I made my way through the building meeting some of my staff and several of the doctors. No fires. (YEY!)

Day Five - Meetings. Ugh.

And then came Saturday! Open House. I had planned on putting in an appearance. This is the Marketing Department's baby, so I was not required to work. Guess again. I was posted at the reception desk to welcome visitors and have them fill out their door prize tickets. Yup. I was there the whole day. Again - ugh.

Today, at the end of Saturday - I'm exhausted!!! Not so much exhilarated.

I hope I didn't bore you. I think this job will get easier. I want to know it ALL ... NOW. It just ain't gonna happen.

Let's see how it goes next week. If I survive, I'll let you know.

Happy Weekend!


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