Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Life is Getting Back to Normal

Hello again,

We're almost 4 weeks after Ike. Life is returning to normal, with the exception of my frayed emotions. I think I'm suffering from Post-traumatic Ike Disorder (PID). My former self used to thrive on the excitement of thunderstorms and rain. My husband considered me a weather freak. After Ike, however, I must admit I'm not so much the violent weather lover that I had been all of my adult life. I have digressed to the familiar childhood fears that used to plague my dreams and waking life. The sound of thunder used to set my heart racing, and until Ike, I had not felt that sensation since childhood.

On the bright side, the weather is still absolutely gorgeous. Today is the first day I've truly enjoyed going outside. It was close to 60F at 6 a.m. My grandson told me this morning in the car that he was freezing, and would I please turn on the heater. I laughed and reminded him that he, only six short months ago, lived in Germany and ran around outside with nothing more than a t-shirt and shorts in weather temperatures lower than today's!

Thank you for reading along on my Ike adventure. I hope to never have to describe the destruction and happenings of another hurricane again!! This was my first hurricane experience and I don't wish to have any more. I'm considering moving back to Ohio -- Cleveland -- far enough from the hurricanes to feel safe.


P.S. I have not had time yet to re-add the photos in the older posts. I'll try to update these as time permits.

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Hally said...

It's good that life is getting back to normal. Although I would not have wished the devastation and destruction on anyone, the hurricane does serve a useful purpose just as any life "disaster" does. I think it also helps us wee humans to remember our true priorities. Hurricanes are the forceful, earthbound manifestation of Maslow's Ladder!

Too often in my life, I get stuck in the top of the hierarchy of the ladder - worrying about my fulfillment and achievement in life as though it were THE most important thing to accomplish. Surely, those things are important, but look at how small a part of the pyramid they are!Without the base, the foundation, of shelter, safety, family, the rest just sort of floats there without meaning. I think most Americans in general have their pyramid upside down. They think of the possessions, the self-fulfillment over the basic needs and love - because most have never been without that foundation. The result is a life pyramid that is standing on its end, without balance or foundation - no wonder so many crash so easily. We have become such a self-centered society that the Self is the most common foundation ---UNTIL something upheaves our lives - like a hurricane, or other life disaster. It is only then can we begin to realize that we have to rebuild those foundations (both physical and emotional) to truly be balanced individuals. Not to mention the fact that most homeless here in the U.S. live better than some working folk in other countries, and don't appreciate it. I see that daily in my work for city government. It doesn't mean we should stop helping, but it does mean our society needs a balance check.

Ike was one rude s-o-b, but then again, for many of us, it takes that kind of actual shove to turn us right round. Now if we can only remember the lesson.

And Lori, I do NOT mean you! You have a strong foundation in all facets of your life. You are blessed in so many ways. We both are. I just felt the need to respond to your meaningful post with another. Hope your fears lessen and your heart stays strong!