Sunday, September 21, 2008

Eight Days After Ike

Here it is, eight days after Ike stomped on us, ripped up our trees and shut down our way of life as we know it.

Today, I was able to get fuel for my car WITHOUT waiting in a line. I even got to go to McDonald's and pick up breakfast for my family instead of frying bacon, eggs, and making coffee on the BBQ (which was fun for a while). More and more stores are opening, and God bless the Kroger Company; they were one of the first stores to open with meat, milk, bread and ICE!

The people who stayed to ride out the storm are cleaning up their yards and trying to get things looking more normal. There are those who left (and we should have, too) whose yards are still a chilling reminder of the horrendous beating we took in Ike's rage.

The roads are being cleared of debris and trees. There is a steady stream of energy trucks flooding the neighborhoods, bringing us hope and power. We are lucky, indeed.

I'll update again in a week.


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lv2trnscrb said...

wow!! lots of damage! you read about it and you see pictures on the news, but it doesn't actually click until you read it in someone's journal about the devastation! so glad some amenities are coming back into play and life is getting a bit easier; its amazing what we take for granted until we lose it; a simple thing like not having to wait in gas, cooking on our own stoves, etc.

thanks for peeking in over at my silly journal; that corgi of mine is one spoiled pup and he knows it :)

I'll be back by :)