Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pathways of Life

Hi Again.  Just returned home from vacation in Springfield, OH.  We visited a section of John Bryant State Park in Yellow Springs, just about 30 minutes or so east of Dayton.  The photos below were some of the pathways I fell in love with. I have several other photos, but figured I'd make it a theme blog this time and use some of the pathway photos. Enjoy.


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mairefish said...

Hi Lori!  Nice to finally meet you =)!  I am Val from There is a Season.  Don't be confused by the mairefish.  It is another screen name I use for a graphics group.  I absolutely LOVE your photography!  WOW  I put you on alerts!  Thanks so much for stopping by so often in my journal.  I have been meaning to stop by before now.  You take care and have a super day!  Hugs, Val xox