Wednesday, May 7, 2008

For Your Viewing Pleasure - Baby Blue Jay

I figured I'd start with the happenings over the weekend.  I love birds, so here's a little photo of a little Blue Jay who quite sadly fell from his little nest and landed in our big yard.  Apparently, Sunday was "learn to fly" day in the local Blue Jay community.  My daughter and I found several (four in all) young jays fluttering around our yard and in our bushes.  This one very small jay, however, was not fluttering nor fleeting.  He lay there almost motionless, not quite aware of the danger he was in with the local clan of cats that prowl this area. 

I called our local vet to ask what could be done about the little jay.  Was there some way we could care for it? Would their office take it in and nurse it to fledgeling age? Judy, the vet tech, who is quite knowledgeable in animal husbandry and veterinary care, suggested I first make a hanging basket, and without touching the baby jay with my own hands, place him in the basket and hang it from the highest branch I could reach.  I did.  I checked on him two days later and, sadly, the little one didn't survive the ordeal, but he was spared the very violent death that certainly would have overtaken him with the cat population.

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