Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Hard Freeze In Houston?? 1/17/07


Nonetheless, schools are closed, business are closed and you'd think the ice age had struck again!  I went outside this morning to assess whether or not to risk my life driving the 20 mile trek to work today.  What I saw was not the picture you see above, but what I did see dangling from the leaves on my magnolia tree were icicles the size of my pinky fingerNAIL and NO ice on the roads -- anywhere. Yes, the roads were dusted with salt! 

I lived in the midwest for four years; I know winter.  We don't have winter in Houston!  In Ohio, if the roads were clear of snow, even if it meant it was shoved up the sidewalks in 4-ft drifts, but the roads were driveable, we had school...and work!  I guess these Southerners are just not used to temps below 40, so when it hits "freezing cold," the world shuts down.  I braved the wet (not frozen) streets today, drove the back roads to my office. I had to.  The freeway I normally take had a four-car collision on it, blocking my normal exit. What's with all the panic?  It's just COLD outside. There's NO blizzard, people!!  Put on a coat, warm up the car, drive a little slower.  If you can't do that, then stay home and wait until it warms up to 60 again...tomorrow. 


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cdittric77 said...

Ah, you southerners. Freaking out about the snow. Don't ever try to come up here and paaaahk ya caaaaah in Haaavaaaahhhd Yaaaahd. :)