Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The Night (Poem)

Stock Photo: Sunburst At Dawn Over The Gulf - #2 - Photo, Photos

The Night

Miraculous moments arouse all the senses
Entangle, enthrall and break down the defenses
Where passionate frolicking quickly commences
And unbridled lovers collide.

Holding back nothing for sake of the giving,
Not looking backward, but all for the living
Edging the forces without the misgiving
Where hope and creation reside.

Earth-quaking moments and tender vibration
Make way for the moment of perfect creation
Released from the fate of a deeper temptation
To no-one's despair or demise.

Finally calming and slipping to slumber
Never again shall emotions outnumber
The breathtaking moments that lovers encumber
When dawn and the morning arise.

Lori Lee Nelson

Copyright ©2005 Lori Lee Nelson


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sonensmilinmon said...

Love it! The poem and the picture. :-)


amazingtweet said...

I enjoyed your poem. Very lovely.


deabvt said...

Very nice!