Thursday, January 20, 2005

Harried and Hopeless in Houston

Hey Y'all.

It's been a long, long last few weeks, with upheavals galore.  My daughter and grandchildren are with me for the time being while her life gets sorted out.  I love them do death, don't get me wrong.  It's just VERY tiring having four other people at home.  The energy it takes to keep up with their little chattering alone is draining.  But I'm surviving. 

Ethan started school yesterday at the same school my youngest daughter goes to.  He loved it.  He made a new friend right off the bat.


Kaymie                                       Deja

Deja and Kaymie started day care so their mommy could gather herself and look for work.  Kay loves going to "school."  Deja has mixed feelings. She's a very shy two-year-old, but her nods told me she had fun, shy or not.  They both wanted to go back today, so we're in business!

We do have a few ground rules, tho.  The little ones are in bed by eight.  The older kids' rooms are off limits, unless invited.  They're not used to having toddlers running around, either, so out of respect for their privacy we established a couple rules in their behalf.  This works well for Becky, who is pre-teen and "needs her privacy."  She has private girly conversations with her friends, while she paints her finger and toenails.  Yup, she's all girl.

Poor Woody, my four legged boy, doesn't quite know what to make of all of it.  He just kind of mopes around, looking lost.  Not to worry.  I'm there to reassure him and make sure he goes to the park with us when we all go. 

So, that's my life these days.  There's not much time left for journaling, but I did want to pop in and post a note or two to let you know what's up.  Say a prayer or two for us.  We'll be needing them.

Thanks, and God bless.



amazingtweet said...

Kids you got to love them. Cute pictures.


marainey1 said...

I know what you mean, I love having the kids come home, but I've become spoiled and appreciate the quiet life I lead now.  I occasionally have them for a long weekend or a weeks vacation here and there, but that's all.   I love the poem above.  'On Ya'  - ma