Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Christmas Tidings

On the air the scent of pine
And sounds of Christmas joy
Children playing, laughing, falling
Into beds of fallen snow

Cleared train tracks after a snow storm in the Sierra Nevada Mountains

Inside, snuggled by the fire
Moms and dads watch with love
While their young shake the boxes
Under the Tree, wrapped in holiday foil.

Decorate a Christmas tree 101 ways.
"I think I know, I think I do!"
"Can we? Shall we? May we? Please?"
Just one more day they'll have to wait
Until the ride of Old Saint Nick

Not a wink of sleep they'll get;
Visions of toys dance in their heads!
When the morning dawn arrives
Spring from bed and rub their eyes

 (okay, he got a little sleep!)

Off to see what Santa left...
Fire trucks and dancing dolls
Candy canes and bouncing balls,
Merry Christmas One and All!

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Copyright ©2004 Lori Lee Nelson


dcmeyer420 said...

Glad you're back. What a merry, merry poem! I'm a kid at heart and I'm just as excited as the kids in your poem. Another one well done! Keep on writing and I'll keep on visiting!

melissajbird said...

I wish i could write happy stuff like this all my work is dark and dreary.