Friday, November 12, 2004

Reach for the Stars!

photo of Stephen's Quintet

Contemplate the stars, the vastness of space
Where energy and mind intermingle
Limitless flight and imagination take place
In the twinkling of an eye.
Forget the countenance below
With munbling and grumbling hearts they cry.
Should they reach up and out and grasp
The infinite possibilies at their hands?
Yet they sit, lackluster, in their seats
Moaning for change but never changing
Weeping for more but never moving.
They sit and mourne for all they have not,
Ache for what could be theirs right now!
Trapped in the limits of their minds
Fearful and afraid to reach and grasp.
Doubting the prayers of their lips
Settled in their despair and contemplation.
They mourn.
We live.

Lori Lee Nelson

Copyright ©2004 Lori Lee Nelson


dcmeyer420 said...

I like this poem. Reminds me of the hesitancy my daughter display about trying new things and her fear of failure. I always tell her to reach for the stars.
I also like the poem copyright. I also post poems on my journal and I would like it if someone will ask for my permission before using a poem I posted.
You a poet. Keep on writing.

sasonalmah said...

That is very thought provoking.  Does this poem symbolize something?  Are the stars really something else?  There are so many aspects to this poem!  I love it!!


msroseko004 said...

Very impressive, Lori.  I like this most to this point, but it can not compare with that short story you wrote about the WWI girl.  Keep em coming!  I am loving it!