Thursday, October 14, 2004

Those Like Me


"Crazy," they tell me
when I talk to them who whisper
the quiet whisperings softly on my mind.
I hear them busy with buzzing; the spoken,
the whimpering, weeping, mourning ones.
They stir my thoughts, whirl in their
whirlwind of emotion and confusion,
color my thoughts with shades of cobalt and crimson.

Call me insane, will they?
Those who eavesdrop on my silent
conversations with songs that surge
through my mind in the late of night
and bright of day. 
They don't stop.
The hearers and buzzers both.
Come from inside, those needing to be heard.
Come from outside, those seeking to hear.

"Tis my gift," I cry, "alas, my curse." 
My gift to hear and see those whom we call passed;
My curse to listen to those trapped here,
who reject the chorus of melancholy voices
sweetly whispering their dancing impressions
in my mind and on my ears.

Insane? Me? Never! Why?
Our immortal souls shed our mortal bodies
and we go on.
Sometimes to life.
Sometimes trapped in the nowhere place, mourning, crying, whaling our woes
To those with ears to hear.
To those with eyes to see.
To those like me.



cneinhorn said...

Wow! Great poem!
And congratulations on making Editors pick list!

spurgins311 said...

Congratualtions...we both made editor's pick. :)
Great Poetry.

deabvt said...

Congratulations on being an Editor`s Pick. I`m privileged to share the dais with you!

floralilia said...

congrats on editors pick - you're in great company!

my78novata said...

Congradulations on being one of the top 5. You're journal is great!!!!!!! We homeschool & I have two girls one 23 who graduated from Homeschooling & is teaching at a private school & one 16 who has her permit now and takes care of two special needs children several time a week. Both care for the elderly, love kids & animals & take Karate & Piano. We also love to go camping. We love animals and always take our tw big dogs camping. We love working on old cars also or just fixing our up. You can also check out our kodak pictures page first link in our OTHER JOURNALS LINKS. Cars, animals and our way of living are all there. We love getting posts in my journal & see how our daily life goes on I 'd love to hear from you.  LORI  

a2002v2002 said...

Wow great Poems !!!! Congrats on being Editor's #4 pick !!!! Ann

soniagt said...

i understand completely......

marchmm1971 said...

absolutely beautiful!!!       poetry is also another way to write out our frustrations or exercise our demons    it can also be a way to look for some one like a missing person which is what i've been doing for over twelve years now    much to my dismay i have had no luck finding this special someone    keep up the great work   your poem opened my eyes to the re-found joys of poetry    
                                                         michelle a. march     carthage,tx
             perhaps some day i'll have my poems published as well

palacioshappy said...

i would like to talk to you about this poem if it is what i think it is then maby you can help me please im me or send me an e mail thanks