Monday, October 25, 2004



Escape, o soul!
Fly away, fly on high
Search the sky for a voice
Who calls you from your resting place
Here in the heaviness of your cage.

Let go, my soul!
Journey far, travel light.
Soar on heaven's misty dawn
Hues of crimson, lavender and gold.
Settle into her gentle caress.

Forgive, my soul.
Release despair, untangle fear.
Let go the guilt that jails the mind,
Hardens the heart that beats with rage.
Release the hopelessness within.

Breathe, my soul!
Pure bouquet, fragrance light.
Fill your lungs with living color
Dance on floors of glistening gems
Explode in radiance and love!

Lori Lee Nelson

Copyright ©2004 Lori Lee Nelson

Photo courtest of Stock Photos

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emtbabe9840 said...

hello im stephany mezza and your poem has a lot of meaning to it and its really wonderful. if you could would you please e-mail me at thank you me