Monday, October 4, 2004

Daddy's Girl Gone

Eyes of nine, mind of more
She dances o'er the dirty floor
Her hair a mess and tattered dress
Adorn her fragile frame.

Mom is gone and dad away
She dreams of happy yesterday
When he was here and life was dear
No room for fear or shame.

Held her close, kissed her cheek
Made promises he'd never break
Hung the moon, but far too soon
His life the night would claim.

All alone, music gone
She dances late into the dawn
In her captive mind he lives
Forever just the same.

Lori Lee Nelson

Copyright ©2004 Lori Lee Nelson

Photo from Stock Photos


lovelybludiamond said...

I like this one. It's sweet and eery at the same time.

spurgins311 said...

This is so pretty. Made me think of my Dad and Mom, both are gone. I miss them so. Such a pretty/sad though poem.

ryanagi said...

I don't usually like most poetry...but I like this one.

everlastindreams said...

I am a new poet, I've already been published 4 times by The international Society Of Poetry. I think we all need to look upon your poetry. Your heart is pure. You are truley an inspiration. I am only 19 and I hope I am as passionate as you when im older. I thank you for the pleasure. -- Crise

maidothemist said...

This is just amazingly simple yet eloquent. Your imagery is fabulous.